Software Upgrade and Implementation Services

Software Upgrade and Implementation Services

WhiteStar can assist you in the evaluation of your present software system and, if need be, propose upgrade options to fix shortcomings in your operations. 

Major steps in upgrading include activities such as;  Needs Analysis, Process Design, Implementation Planning, and Project Management.

We gather your requirements in the areas of operations, marketing, financials, reporting, etc. and then provide you with a Design Document and Project Plan showing you how the new software will look and operate once you upgrade. We explain any customizations needed, how we get your data converted, your people trained, and how you test the system to make sure everything is ready for the cut-over and "go live".  

We offer Cloud Subscriptions on shared or dedicated Azure based environments. Our people are all experienced business professionals and senior software analysts with industry knowledge to help guide you with your project. We provide ongoing support once you have converted and we provide you immediate modifications and changes if you need them. No need to wait for the "next release". 

WhiteStar USA can also offer a host of other Information Technology (IT) services including:

·       E-commerce & website design services

·       System Design and Customization

·       Complete internet & intranet setup and support services

·       LAN & WAN implementation services

·       Firewall and security configuration services

·       Backup Configuration services

·       Hardware Sales

·       Microsoft Office & SharePoint Portal services

·       I.T. Assessments and Strategic Planning