Trojan's 24-, 36-, and 48-Volt Lithium Ion Batteries

Trojan's 24-, 36-, and 48-Volt Lithium Ion Batteries

Trojan’s GC2 24-, 36- and 48-Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries


Trojan Battery Company will showcase their 24-, 36-, and 48-volt lithium-ion batteries at booth 1481 of the 2023 ARA Rental Show.


The batteries are ideal for golf, utility, and personal transportation vehicles (PTVs) as well as:


·          Equipment rental companies

·          Facilities maintenance and cleaning managers

·          Hospitals, airports, and educational facilities

·          Warehousing/material-handling equipment


Benefits of Trojan’s 24- and 36-volt Lithium-Ion Batteries Include:


·      Long lifetime with virtually zero maintenance

·      Boosts runtimes and slashes downtime

·      Comes with an 8-year limited warranty

·      Allows for opportunity charging

·      Helps to reduce the number of machines needed and labor costs

·      Reduces total cost of ownership


Key Differentiators of Trojan’s 24- and 36-Volt Lithium-Ion Batteries


Using our extensive experience, we engineered our batteries to solve additional problems that are especially important given today’s labor shortages, rising wages, and inflation. 


They let workers complete their daily work without worrying if the equipment will make it back to the charger or about battery maintenance and frequent replacements. 


Trojan’s GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery Takes You Further on a Single Charge


Trojan’s GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery upgrades the performance and lifespan of LSVs. The battery outperforms others in these areas: 


·          Range. Takes you farther on a single charge.*


·          Safety. Features lithium-iron-phosphate cells, four levels of safety redundancy, and UL-certified lithium-ion cells


·          Durability. Meets SAE J3060 vibration standards and an ingress progress rating of IP67.


·          Carries an eight-year limited warranty: A six-year replacement period plus a two-year prorated credit period.


Lithium-Ion Reduces TCO


While the original purchase price of lithium-ion batteries is higher than that of flooded lead-acid or AGM batteries, the total cost of ownership can be considerably less. That’s because other types of batteries must be replaced every one to three years, while lithium-ion batteries can last for ten years or more. 


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*Based on a published range of lithium-ion golf car batteries, the Trojan GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery with a three-battery configuration delivers a proven range of 45-60 miles on a single charge. That’s up to 15% farther than other batteries in its class and 2-3x farther than traditional battery technology. (Actual driving range will vary depending on factors including, but not limited to, load, terrain, temperature, and equipment.)