Trojan Deep-Cycle Gel Batteries

Trojan Deep-Cycle Gel Batteries

Trojan Battery's Maintenance-Free Deep-Cycle Gel Batteries

These sealed batteries deliver superior power in demanding applications. The batteries: 

  • Are maintenance-free and require no watering
  • No leaks, spills, or fumes 
  • Deliver long runtimes and battery life for the most demanding applications
  • Can be installed in any position. 
  • Are made with a proprietary gel formulation.
  • Deliver longer cycle life than other gel technologies in heavy-duty applications

Their rugged durability and consistent performance make them a versatile alternative for use in applications requiring sealed batteries.

Trojan’s deep-cycle gel line is a great complement to our flooded line where maintenance-free is a must, or environmental regulations mandate its use. The robust design makes Trojan deep-cycle gel batteries ideal for use in health- and safety-sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals, airports, and office buildings.