STAR - Events Rental

STAR - Events Rental

STAR Events Rental  Developed by WhiteStar USA to let you manage your rentals and sales for maximum profit in one single software system. Track all your service costs for parts and labor, so you can know your true profit levels.

Project tracking gives you the net profit for Conventions, Jobs, Sports and Party events, Production shoots, Tent Rentals, large accounts and special promotional programs.

The built-in CRM functions let you track all marketing, service and sales activities for better customer service and operational effectiveness. 

Utilizing a 3 tier architecture,  The web services layer enables easier integration with other sub-systems, such as Mobile and Web based Applications like field operations, or your website and shopping cart.  

Integration with Microsoft Office 365 means easier user adoption, less key strokes, and higher productivity. Excel and  SQL reporting services means better management visibility over your business operations.  

Handle high value serialized assets, bulk items and supplies, kits, labor, delivery and pick-up charges, outside processing, sub-rentals and re-rents 

The Availability Calendar lets you know exactly where your inventory is and what is available. Full physical and financial utilization reporting so you know what’s making money and what’s not.

STAR enables you to assemble and rent Kits. This is particularly important when you rent a high value or serialized assets that need to be delivered with supplies.. All costs and Inventory levels are automatically tracked

Through the user friendly dashboard you can tailor your work functions in the best way to visualize them and address things needing your attention. You can access special venue information, properly account for referral commissions, short and damaged billings, sub-rents, special billing charges and more. 

The rental and specialty inventory and financial functions are all based within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The Dynamics software is used every day by over 2 million users at over 225,000 companies worldwide. The foundational rental software has been sold and supported worldwide for over 20 years. With such a powerful vendor as Microsoft and with decades of worldwide use, you can feel secure that you are getting a proven foundation on which to run your business.