siteboss chest

siteboss chest

Introducing SiteBoss Chest: we’re no rookie when it comes to secure jobsite storage. It’s our no.1 priority to keep your livelihoods safe and secure.

The perfect combination of security and safety, whether you’re on the jobsite or in your truck.

Design and innovation have come together to deliver a chest that deters thieves. With 14 gauge steel, a multi-spur locking mechanism and tamper-proof joins. You can be sure it’s built to last and built to protect.

Safety for everybody. SiteBoss features dual gas struts and Armorgard’s exclusive innovation: SlamStop lid stay, designed to protect workers when closing the heavy-duty lid.

Stored. Secured. SiteBoss.

Patent number: 2211899.6


Featuring extreme UltraLock Security
A locking system that dominates the market. Its multi-spur mechanism interlocks smoothly yet fiercely.

Its strength is undeniable. Its innovation is unrivalled.

ticks the box for...

  • ultimate security of tools
  • worker focused safety features  
  • security on the move: jobsite or truck

  • Model SB24
  • Secure truck storage too!
  • Using the SlamStop safety feature.
  • SlamStop Feature
  • Recessed Handles
  • 4-Way Fork Pockets