Meet Trojan's New AES Battery

Meet Trojan's New AES Battery

Trojan’s New AES Battery Delivers Up To 2x the Cycle Life of Standard AGM.


Trojan Battery Company is launching its new maintenance-free AES Battery at booth 1481 of the 2023 ARA Rental Show. 


The rugged premium VRLA battery delivers consistent, unrivaled high output and up to twice the cycle life of standard AGM, especially in extreme deep cycle (up to 100% DoD), partial charging, or challenging environments. It offers the safe, affordable solutions equipment rental companies, warehouse managers, distributors and OEMs want.


Trojan’s AES Battery provides all the benefits of standard AGM technology, including being maintenance-free, fast-charging, and spill- and leak-free. But it also delivers these vital additional benefits:  

  •            Lasts Longer: Up to 2x more cycle life than standard AGM. Validated to 2,500 cycles at 60% DoD vs. 1200 cycles for AGM.
  •       Harsh Conditions: Robust performance in extreme temperatures ranging from -40o F (-40 C o) to 16 o F (70o C) 
  •            Harmless Partial State of Charging: Tested to withstand long-term abusive partial state of charging. 

AES Battery Applications

  •       Floor-cleaning equipment
  •      Aerial work platforms
  •       Warehouse and material handling equipment

Slash Downtime. Simplify Charging. Reduce Replacements.  


Some standard AGM batteries must be fully recharged after each cycle to prevent damaging partial state of charge (PSoC) operation. That doesn’t always happen, causing sulfation and corrosion, reducing battery life, and requiring frequent replacements.

The Trojan AES Battery is optimized for PSoC operation with a proprietary additive and Deep-Cycle Series Technology, featuring paste formulations that can withstand daily repeated discharges and operate in PS0C without damage.

The rugged battery is designed and manufactured to absorb vibrations and shock.  It is locally available, reliable and proven to meet high-performance standards. It is covered by a three-year warranty.  

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  • Trojan's new AES Battery delivers 2x the cycle life as standard AGM. It also performs in extreme temperatures and conditions and works in partial state of charge without harming the battery.