FutureTrac Hip End Keder Frame Tent

FutureTrac Hip End Keder Frame Tent

From lavish weddings to warehousing and storage, there’s a reason why TopTec’s FutureTrac series is our most popular line. Future Series tents are engineered for tolerance and reliability with the technology of today’s structure fabric system and the install-friendly design of a Western-style tube system. Tops are electronically sealed to a Keder bead that slides through the Keder channel on each rafter and crown assembly for a stronger top and a quieter tent.

Available Sizes



  • 20′ Wide

  • 30′ Wide

  • 40′ Wide

  • 50′ Wide


  • Engineered structures are able to withstand wind load requirements

  • Durable keder tubes and reinforced, high-quality fabric ensure a longer product lifecycle

  • The Future Trac’s unique track system allows simultaneous installation of tops, sidewalls lighting and liners for a 30% faster install time and less man-power at every set-up.

  • FutureTrac’s interchangeable parts also mean there’s less inventory to track

  • Extensions available in 10’, 15’ and 20’ increments