Cross-Country utility

Cross-Country utility

The all-terrain overhead transformer carrier and installation device.

Lineman-Friendly, All-in-One Solution:

  • Reduce the physical efforts required and easy to operate,
  • Safest capstan brakes in the industry.

All Terrain-4 Seasons-Makes Narrow Space Accessible:

  • Extremely compact equipment (width: 30 inches),
  • Up to 40 degrees up/downhill capabilities and 9 inches ground clearance.

15%-40% More Productive and Cost-efficient:

  • Less human resources are required,
  • All in one integrated tool (110v power, capstan, lightning, carrier built in the unit),
  • Very Low Operation and Maintenance cost (no gas engine),
  • Minimize large equipment usage and rental.

Environment–Customer Friendly:

  • Fully electric no emissions, no odors,
  • Quiet can be used during the night with no neighborhood disturbance,
  • From 1.8 lb per square inches minimize customer ground damage.